Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent - Spring 2011 - Review

Stefano Pilati laments about how men today do not know how to dress. Well if the Yves Saint Laurent spring 2011 presentation is any indication of how he wants us all to look (and I would reason that it is), then I'm not sure I can take Mr. Pilati's style advise quite so seriously anymore.

A black stewardess hat over a long black mac coat, wide-leg black trousers, black socks, and Birkenstocks! In the spring and summer? And that is only the first look. We are talking knitted man-corsets, crotch skimming high waisted shorts, and skin tight wide neck tees, all in dark colors and layered in a way that would seem like a form of torture for the spring and summer seasons.

This style shift that Mr. Pilati keeps trying to plug is no joke. It is a total upheaval of everything we deem masculine and acceptable to leave the house in in our society. While there was some redemption for the collection in the slim fit belted blazers, this collection was mostly a confusing jumble of ideas that I am certain will not catch on in the next decade, let alone for next spring.

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