Sunday, June 6, 2010

TO SPLURGE OR TO SAVE - Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit

Finding the perfect swim suit can sometimes be a challenge. I grew out of the boardshorts phase pretty early and had a lot of trouble finding a suit that was both the correct length, didn't have an extremely obnoxious print, fit correctly, and was comfortable.

My first suit was from Vilebrequin, but at $220 a pop, their suits are more of an investment (though they do make the best suits at the end of the day).

While looking for a new suit for Spring Break this year, I happened upon the Sundek collection at Bergdorf Goodman. Sundek has been supplying trunks across all of America out of California since the 40's, with the rainbow stripes on the back of their suits serving as their signature style. Their varying lengths and colors ensure that you will find the suit right for you, and with their quick drying fabric and durable construction, they are sure to last you for a long time. At $120 they may not be the mostly reasonably priced shorts you could find, but despite their status as the trendy brand for the younger set out East, they are completely timeless. Splurge.

I discovered my next pair while hunting for a new pair of cotton shorts at the destination for all things surf in Palm Beach, the P.B. Boys Club on South Country Road. Nestled in the corner of the store, the Strong Boalt shorts immediately caught my eye. The original artwork that covers the shorts is eye catching, but not so in-your-face that you can't wear it anywhere but the water, and the construction of the shorts is sturdy and above all, comfortable. Though they may not be as moderately priced as the Quicksilver shorts they shared a wall with, at $115 I believe they are worth it. But hurry, with high demand and limited production of each print, they go fast (mine have already sold out on their website). Splurge.

I guess you can probably tell by now what my general consensus is: it's worth it to splurge on your bathing suit. Even if you only buy one pair for the season, or one pair for a few years, these are suits that will last you forever and look great in the water and at lunch by the beach.


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