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Friday, November 26, 2010

SAVE - Sorel Woodbine™ High CVS Boots - $120

In preparation for a semester school I am attending for the Spring on the coast of Maine, I decided it was time to buy my first pair of waterproof boots. In addition to being durable and functional in all types of climates and conditions, I wanted a good looking pair that would still be wearable on the streets of New York.

After a quick stop at Uniqlo yesterday, I headed down the block to Eastern Mountain Sports (on the corner of Broadway and Spring) and found these Sorel Woodbine™ High CVS Boots for a great price of $120.

Like it says on their website, these boots were designed to be the "ultimate urban rain boot."Apart from the obvious technical details that protect from snow, sleet, and rain, the interior of the boot is also lined with recycled felt to keep your feet insulated and warm. With a simplistic black color scheme and a red sole for a little pop of color, I am 100% pleased with the look, feel, and functionality of these boots. Save.

SPLURGE - Wings + Horns Vest - $495

Upon further investigation, I discovered that the Penfield piece I suggested in my last vest post was actually not the world's most flattering garment. In lieu of my mistake, I have decided to supply you guys with another option from Wings + Horns that is possibly one of the chicest gilets I have ever laid eyes on.

Wings + Horns began as the in-house brand for a Canadian manufacturer with a specialty in high-end fleece basics. Today, they produce a full range of menswear with an emphasis on solid construction and Japanese influenced design.

I've been eyeing this piece for a while in my search for a great Fall/Winter vest, and decided that I would finally treat myself to it this holiday season. Taking advantage of yesterday's Black Friday offers, I was able to procure it for 20% off on Blackbird, which made the purchase even more exciting.

The vest is a beautiful color speckled wool with duck down stuffing, shawl collar, two patch pockets, and two smaller button down ones. The fit and comfort are unparalleled, and along with all of the details and features, make this garments worth the rather large price tag. Splurge.

Plaid Please

Plaid should be your best friend come Fall/Winter. Whether it's in shirts, pants, bags, scarves, whatever, it's all good. And don't be afraid to look a little woodsy, just stay away from anything that makes you look like you just drove a 16 wheeler cross country...

I threw in the skirt because A) Who saw the insane Glee spread this shot originated from? and B) Who doesn't love a good plaid skirt?

Collage by me, photos courtesy of: GQ, Details, Urban outfitters

SAVE - Converse JP Zipper HI - $100

Myself, I don't own a pair of Converse. I know, it's ridiculous. The white high tops are really the most basic, basic of any man's wardrobe. Well that is all about to change. I have my eye on these white zipper hi-top Jack Purcells at Aloha Rag, and at only $100, I don't imagine it will be long before there are safely at home in my closet.

With a textured suede and canvas outside, tan leather lining, and a quirky zipper running down the center, these aren't your regular old Converse. I'm not one to follow the pack, which is probably why I have subconsciously resisted Converse in the past, so these are perfect for me. Save.

Monday, November 22, 2010

SAVE - L.L.Bean Signature Fair Isle Zip Cardigan - $119

I originally saw this piece at the Pop Up Flea, but they didn't have any left in my size. At $119, I wasn't exactly surprised. This zip up Fair Isle cardigan will be a cool edition to my Fall/ Winter wardrobe to spice up that dark jean, plaid shirt, navy coat ensemble I have been frequenting in the cooler weather we have been experiencing lately. Of course L.L. Bean stands for durability, so don't think the low price is too good to be true. Save.

Listen Up

Really feeling this new song by Theophilus London, ft. Solange Knowles and Devonté Hynes (featured on and a whole other host of places in the last few days). The rapping isn't that exciting, but the beat is sick and the song as a whole is relaxing and perfect for the mood I'm in tonight. Find the free download here.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I know, I hate it when the holiday season prepping has to come before even Thanksgiving has had its chance, but all the magazines and blogs are putting out gift guides so I figured I would just hop on the bandwagon.

Here are a few gift ideas for this holiday season. Usually I find clothing harder to buy, so I've included mostly accessories and objects in this selection. All objects are listed and linked below, and the collage was made on Polyvore. Happy shopping!

SAVE - Steven Alan for Chari & Co Fleece Jacket - $198

Steven Alan, the king of contemporary cool has partnered with Chari & Co., a popular Lower East Side bike shop, to produce a stylish fleece jacket (available in Grey and Blue) for the winter rider to ward off the chills. While the jacket may be designed for the avid cyclist, that certainly isn't going to stop me from checking out this stylish jacket. Save.

SHOPPING DIARIES - November 21, 2010

Today I headed downtown to Soho with a friend of mine to get some brunch at Delicatessen (the Texas Eggs Benedict is unreal) and do some shopping

First we headed to the Pop Up Flea Market by A Continuous Lean, and it was a huge success! The place was pretty crowded (see above) and the booths were really well curated and appealing (see below for a photo of one of the vintage stations).

I was most impressed with the L.L. Bean Signature booth which had a great selection of outerwear and knitwear, all under $200! The Aether booth was also sick, with a stunning collection of cold weather outerwear that was simple and sharp. The Oliver Spencer Boutique was definitely my favorite though, as all of the pieces on display were at least 40% off of the regular prices. I scored a beautiful navy wool pea coat for $250 (sorry for the shitty picture below).

The detailing (red wool interior lapels, pinstriped lining, and adjustable waste and cuffs), the fit, and the price made it a no brainer. I would recommend checking this brand out online. Their prices are super reasonable and their design is stellar.

Next we walked down to Acne to see about their new Theo Leather Jacket that I've fallen in love with.

Of course they, along with Oak, had sold out before they even got the jackets to the store. I would say its not meant to be, but they are still available online... Early Christmas present maybe!

Speaking of early Christmas presents, my second (and last) purchase was a pair of the Franklin boots ($198) from J.D. Fisk at 159 and 1/2 Ludlow Street.

The brother brand of Dolce Vita, J.D. Fisk makes great looking shoes at comparably low prices. They also had a fine selection of Shades of Greige and Gant in store and a BILLYKIRK waxed cotton gym bag ($210) I was contemplating procuring for my dad. Alas, I did not have access to the proper funds.

Next we went two doors down to In God We Trust, where my friend purchased a silver "Cheers Mother Fucker" flask for $40. If you're looking for an inexpensive Christmas gift for a friend or family member, this is the place to go. They also have another location (with almost the exact same merchandise) on Lafayette between Prince and Spring right when you get off of the 6 train.

Somewhere in between we stopped by Opening Ceremony because is it really a day of shopping in Soho without it? We were both obsessed with the Racer jackets from the Tron x Opening Ceremony collection ($530), though we never for a second considered actually spending close to $600 on it...

Overall, a beautiful day to go shopping and some great new Fall/Winter merchandise in stores. The only thing that spoiled my day was the 11% sales tax I had to pay on my shoes (the jacket was all cash and tax free!). I later had a discussion with the sales woman at In God We Trust who told me that it was changing again come January (probably going up). I understand that the state needs money, but aren't we supposed to be encouraging shopping in such a economically challenging time?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

SAVE - J. Press for UO Ribbon Belt - $28

J. Press and Urban Outfitters have collaborated on a well edited capsule collection of items fit for the closeted preppy hipster. Slim fitting shirts and pants are simple with clean lines, but the accessories are really the standouts. In particlar, these ribbon belts. As a certified W.A.S.P. myself, I can tell you that colleigiate colored ribbon belts are a necessity, but they also look great with jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of boots. Great for adding some color to your wardrobe, and at $28, I'm getting all 3. Save.

SAVE - Lanvin for H&M Tuxedo Blazer - $149

And so the saga continues... I went to H&M today to check out the Lanvin collab and they were sold out of everything in my size (small)! The remnents clinging to the hangers looked unreal, so I will definitely be checking back to see if they have the tuxedo blazer (pictured above) back in. If you are a size large, or even medium, I would suggest heading to your nearest H&M location right away. Save.

WEEKEND WATCHING - Proenza Schouler PS1 Video

Doesn't this remind you of that old footage of UFO sightings you watched on the News as a kid? Pretty eerie.

If you don't know Proenza Schouler (pronouced Pro-enza Scoo-ler) by now then this must be the only blog you read because they are everywhere. The little fashion house that could with contemporaries like Alexander Wang and Jason Wu, the duo known as Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez have taken the women's fashion world by storm with their killer wears and even better accessories (one of which, the new patent leather PS1 bag, is the subject of this video). Pick one up for your significant other this holiday season and I guarantee they won't be disappointed.

DISCLAIMER: I know I've been doing a lot of videos lately, but it certainly isn't by accident. The fashion industry has really been embracing film as a new medium to communicate their vision, whether it be through live streamed fashion shows, product videos (like this one), designer interviews (like the Dolce & Gabbana video I posted from a while back), or behind the scenes material. Personally, I love seeing these houses express their unique viewpoint through video and hope you guys enjoy it too cause this won't be the last!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Pop Up Flea

Just saw this posted on SELECTISM and thought I would share it with you guys. Looks like a pretty sweet collection of booths, especially since a lot of these brands don't have stand alone stores. Check it out:

Friday November 19th (3-9pm), Saturday the 20th (11am-7pm) and Sunday the 21st (11am-6pm)
Openhouse Gallery at 201 Mulberry Street (btw Spring and Kenmare) NYC

The Pop Up Flea: Friday November 19th (3-9pm), Saturday the 20th (11am-7pm) and Sunday the 21st (11am-6pm)Openhouse Gallery at 201 Mulberry Street (btw Spring and Kenmare) NYC
Check the vendor list for this year’s event: Oak Street Bootmakers, J.W Hulme, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, L.L. Bean Signature, Smith + Butler, Tellason, Billykirk, Aether, Tanner Goods, Scout Original, Wooden Sleepers, Riviera Club, Alexander Olch, Gant, Oliver Spencer, The Hill-Side / Hickoree’s Hard Goods, Grown & Sewn, Stanley & Sons, J.Crew, Gitman Brothers Vintage, Schott NYC, Digby & Iona, Alexander West, Leather Head / Lemon Ball …

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Best Dressed

Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos and Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste (center) take the prize for best dressed at the CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund awards. In case you haven't read already, Billy Reid took home the real grand prize: $300,000 and a mentorship from the CFDA. Definitely well deserved!


WEEKDAY WATCHING - "Meet the Hilfigers" Ad

I may not be a fan of the new TOMMY collection (see below), but this ad is pure genius.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

TOMMY - Spring 2011 - Review

Tommy Hilfiger aims lower this season with his new diffusion line: TOMMY. Lower target audience, lower prices, and lower standards.

The new collection is clearly aimed at edgier, rock-n-roll youngsters, but what I am confused by is who would actually wear these clothes? Plaid pants with a pink tee (pictured), a two tone denim shirt with a lime green scarf, a sherbet pullover and green and white short-shorts are only a few examples of the trippy spirit that permeates this 17 look collection. Yes there are a few salvageable pieces in the faded jean jacket (pictured) and Benton striped sweaters, but the styling is truly frightening.

Tommy Hilfiger has always stood for classic American style with a twist, a mantra that has made him one of the most successful designers in the industry. That said, his effort to appeal to the fashion forward hipsters of my generation is, in theory, a great business strategy, but lacks a sophisticated execution when it comes down to the clothes themselves.

Hopefully this collection will be more appealing in person at his newly transformed Bleeker Street location in the West Village.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SPLURGE - Alden Chukka Boot - $415

A pair of Chukka boots are an essential for every man's wardrobe. I would say I wear my John Varvatos pair I got a few years ago at least twice a week, and have the scuff marks and repaired soles to prove it.

This Alden tan suede, leather lined boot will go perfectly with jeans and a T-shirt, or dress pants and a sports coat. Each Alden shoe is handmade, a detail that is hard to find nowadays in the world of fast fashion and mass market retail, and one that really shows in the construction, look, and feel of the shoe. While the price tag may be alarming, the wear you'll get out of these bad boys is definitely worth it. Splurge.

SPLURGE - Balmain Shearling Jacket - $4,787

Balmain or four months rent in one of the most expensive cities in the world? For some, this is a tricky question. As scary as that might sound to some of you, take a closer look and try to understand why those with deep pockets and the weak conscious necessary to spend upwards of $3,000 on a coat, choose Balmain. Making shearling for men look rugged and masculine is no small fete, but Christopher Decarnin pulls it off in a functional coat the is dripping in sexiness. (Sell an organ and...) Splurge.

Monday, November 8, 2010

SPLURGE - Edun Trooper Jacket - $498

And here we have the Edun Military Parka I was referring to in my earlier collage post. This piece is my new favorite jacket (jackets are my obsession, if you haven't already noticed from my posts) for three reasons: 1) It's incredibly chic and goes with everything; 2) It's super warm; 3) It's on trend, yet timeless. And an added bonus, I bought it on sale last week at Bloomingdales for 40% off! Doesn't get any better than that.

Below I've taken some detail pictures and highlighted some of my favorite features. Splurge.

(Tons of pockets for whatever you may be lugging around.)

(A removable hood.)

(Adjustable hem, waist, and hood, and both zip and snap closure.)

SPLURGE and SAVE - Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Jacket - $798, down to $480

A leather jacket is essential for Fall/ Winter, and boy have I found you guys a great one. This Marc by Marc Jacobs piece is the classic perfecto jacket with a subtle design approach that results in a slimming, badass, and lightweight leather jacket without too many bells and whistles. And if you act quickly, you can get it 40% off (down to $480 from $798) at Saks Fifth Avenue! Splurge and Save.

A quick history of the classic Perfect Leather Jacket:
First produced by Schott NYC in 1913 and named after the designer Irving Schott's favorite cigar, the Perfecto® leather jacket has been a fashion staple of everyone from The Sex Pistols, to icon James Dead, to West Village hipsters. The classic style has been adapted by a range of designers, in both women's and men's models, since its inception.


I don't own a turtleneck myself, but this look from J.Crew is making me re-consider my strictly "no turtlenecks for men" policy... I'm feeling the whole thing.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FALL MAILERS (Continued) - Bergdorf Goodman

Here is a selection of my favorite pages from the Bergdorf Goodman Fall catalogue. I picked it up in the store today while I was having lunch. As I was flipping through, I was really astounded at the quality of the images and the conservative styling. Compared to a Barneys, this is pretty simple at first sight, but the quality of the clothes lies in the sophistication, fit, and details that come with the the price tags well into the thousands of dollars that populate these pages.

Lanvin: Gray washed leather trenchcoat with boiled wool zip-off sleeves, $5,350

John Varvatos: Gray glen plaid wool quilted vest, $895/ Grey wool jacket, 41,195

Burberry Prorsum: Olive wool double-breasted coat with beige dyed shearling lining, $3,795

Ralph Lauren Purple Label: Dark sage green suede down vest, $2,995 / Plaid cashmere sport shirt, $1,295 / Light olive cashmere cable-knit crewneck sweater, $895 / Dark gray wool flannel pants, $695

The Row: Brown leather jacket with brown dyed shearing collar, $1,895 / Plaid cotton flannel button-down shirt, $725 / Charcoal cotton T-shirt, $175 / Fray cotton denim straight-leg jeans, $495

Red, White, and Green

Who else is feeling the military trend this season? No, it's not just for girls. I just got a new Edun military parka from Bloomingdales (post to come once I get proper photographs) and I'm loving it. This season all of the designers are doing them from Acne to Marc by Marc Jacobs to Gap, which means there are plenty of options at plenty of price points [coats in collage (clockwise from top, center): Club Monaco, Burberry, Paul Smith Jeans, Barbour]. Pick one up and pair it with some jeans and boots and your good to go!

Collage by me, photos courtesy of: VMan, Details,

Lanvin for H&M - Lookbook

A few months ago I posted about the H&M and Lanvin collaboration that was in the works. Well the lookbook is finally here, but I'm sad to say that I have a few mixed feelings.

Right off of the bat, I was excited about the fact that H&M didn't make Lucas Ossendrijver (Lanvin's Menswear designer) skew his creative vision for the collab: a blazer with piping, fuller dress pants, and colorful patent leather shoes populate the fashionable collection that screams, "LANVIN!".

On the other hand, though those pieces are exciting, there certainly isn't anything too avant-garde. While this may seem a little contradictory to my former comment, let me explain a little further.

Lanvin is known for stylish mens pieces at exorbitant prices. They can range anywhere form a white seersucker dinner jacket, to a classic white tee bejeweled with sequins in the shape of a mosquito. This collection is no doubt Lanvin, but, unfortunately, none of my favorite pieces that I would be too afraid to buy full price trickled down. The women's collection, dissimilarly, has tons of outlandish pieces, clones of which are probably sitting in the windows of Bergdorfs or Barneys right now!

That said, I will certainly check out the more dressy options (especially the killer tuxedo jacket) to add a little pop to my wardrobe, but, overall, I don't find it exciting enough to wait online and fight some 6 foot hipster for.

Tuxedo- $299, Bowtie- $29.95, Shirt- $49.95, Shoes- $79.95, Sunglasses- $19.95

Blazer- $149, Shirt- $49.95, Tie- $29.95, Pants- $59.95, Shoes- $79.95, Sunglasses- $19.95

Coat- $249, Pants- $59.95, Scarf- $49.95, Shirt- $49.95, Shoes- $79.95, Sunglasses- $19.95

(TITLE IMAGE: Coat- $149, Blazer- $149, Shirt- $49.95, Bowtie- $29.95, Pants- $59.95 Cap- $19.95, Shoes- $79.95)

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