Sunday, June 27, 2010

Raf Simons - Spring 2011 - Review

Raf Simons has taken the fuller-leg pant trend to a whole new level. Super slim button downs and vests are paired with pants so wide legged that you could use the fabric from one leg to make a whole new pair. Then, very suddenly, everything changes. Before you know it everything is skin tight to the point where one model wears biker short leggings under a coat. And then we're back to baggy. Then back to slim... Confused yet?

It seems that for spring 2011 Mr. Simons wants his man to play with volume, wearing wide-leg one day, and pipe-leg the next, all the while keeping the torso slim. This is probably done in an attempt to elongate the body, as it was at Prada during the Milan shows a week ago. The man skirt also makes an appearance (as it did at Prada) over leggings in a neon pink. While we know that Mr. Simons loves his neons from his showing at Jil Sander, he also lets black and white have their moment in the first leg of the collection.

Overall the collection is filled with sharply tailored pieces, perfect for any mans wardrobe, paired with more dramatic garments that require a unique sort of gentleman to pull them off. Either way, the avant-garde man that wears Mr. Simons' clothing on a regular basis will be pleased.

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