Monday, June 21, 2010

Neil Barrett - Spring 2011 - Review

Were one just judging from the color palette alone, one would not know that Neil Barrett had produced a collection for spring/summer. Blacks dominate Mr. Barrett's 45 look collection that is chalk full of wearable pieces styled with more fashion forward garments to create a truly unique man for the runway.

A doubled-breasted blazer worn as a shirt is an interesting idea for those warm summer days when formal wear is required, a leather vest looks rugged and urban, and a military jacket is cut slim and modern over black leather leggings. It appears that wrinkled clothing is in as well, both in casual wear and dress wear, ultimately creating a relaxed feel. Cargo pants also serve to dress down blazers and add to the militaristic and sporty feel. "Mandals" accompany all of the looks and look acceptable enough, at least on the runway.

Mr. Barrett cuts everything slim and form fitting creating a man that is dapper and stylish while still retaining his masculinity, a quality that would seem hard to possess on a high fashion runway but is happily present throughout the entire presentation.

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