Monday, June 21, 2010

Gucci - Spring 2011 - Review

Gucci has always been sexy. Tom Ford solidified Gucci's place in the market as the sexiest brand going years ago, but now Frida Giannini has officially rolled up the sleeves (pun intended), and taken the menswear back to its roots in 60's sex appeal. Suede and leather add to the rock star appeal of the clothing glamorous enough for any Rolling Stone's band member and tailored enough for any pretty young thing with a large bank account.

Who can resist the double breasted blazers in dark stones, knee length cardigans in off white, and thick pea coats in cream, all paired with the iconic Gucci loafer. Though some may argue that the Gucci man never left the spotlight, the spring 2011 rockstar-chic trend will most certainly make him center stage in a market where every designer will try to embody his effortlessly badass style. Ms. Giannini has certainly nailed this mode down and spun a 42 look collection that is 100% rock n' roll.

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