Thursday, September 30, 2010

SAVE - CO-OP 25th Anniversary Tote - $225

For CO-OP's 25th Anniversary, Barneys has put together a special commemorative tote bag stuffed with in house CO-OP brand merch. Inside find a cotton sweatshirt, henley, and short sleeve v-neck tee. At $225 for all of these essentials, it is definitely a steal. Save.

FALL MAILERS (Continued) - Barneys CO-OP

Here are a selection of my favorite pages from the most recent Barneys CO-OP mailer. CO-OP always does a great job of styling their clothes in interesting and urban looks that, while not necessarily my style, definitely show off the offerings. A great shoot always makes for clothes that I want to buy, and these pages have both.

(From Left to Right, guys standing) Woolrich Woolen Mills, Stone Island, Duvetica

PS Paul Smith, Paul Smith Jeans

Rag & Bone

JunyaWatanabe Man, Comme des Garçons

Gant by Michael Bastian

Sunday, September 26, 2010

SPLURGE - Varsity Jackets

Some big names in menswear are offering their take on the varsity (or letterman) jacket for this Fall/Winter season. The varsity jacket usually consists of a wool body with contrasting leather arms, though it can be all leather. It appears that most of the varsity jackets we are seeing are in some black and grey combination for a more subtle statement, though there are a few more elaborate takes.

Vince has the most basic offering with a charcoal wool body and heavy dark leather arms. Shipley & Halmos's jacket has a simple appearance but becomes quite elaborate when one examines the construction and leather details on the back and arms. Thom Browne has the most uninvolved model with a letterman jacket that looks straight out of Friday Night Lights (minus the panther). Fred Perry, on the other hand, has taken the classic design and made it modern for Opening Ceremony with a black plaid patterne (a la Pendleton) for the body. Tim Hamilton Redux offers the most fashion forward option with a body comparable to that of Vince and Shipley & Halmos, accented with shiny metallic arms and collar.

While one can certainly find a vintage varsity jacket for far less money than these options, I prefer the trimmer and more anonymous look myself. Splurge.


Shipley & Halmos

Thom Browne

Fred Perry

Tim Hamilton

UPDATE: Jeffery on 14th St. is also carrying varsity jackets by Lanvin and Balenciaga. I won't even get into the prices...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Listen Up

5 songs you should be listening to (be advised, not all available on iTunes):

"Who's that Chick" - David Guetta ft. Rihanna
"Alors on Danse (Remix) [feat. Kanye West & Gilbere Forte]" - Stromae
"Heartbeats (Cover)" - Jose Gonzalez
"Cold Dust Girl" - Hey Champ
"Turn it On" - Franz Ferdinand

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gant by Michael Bastian - Spring 2011 - Review

For Fall, Michael Bastian took the whole Lacrosse theme/ Gant branding a little to far. Mistakes are to be expected in a first collection, but I just can't get over all of the beautiful rugby's and sweaters that I had to put back on the rack because they had "F.O.G.O." on the back or Gant embossed buttons on the front. The good news is that it appears, and I can only judge from the press photos, that he has learned his lesson.

Bastian's Spring 2011 showing was strictly preppy graduate heads to his beach house for the summer. Every garment walks the line between fashionable and masculine, a tightrope that Mr. Bastian has been sauntering down in his eponymous line for many seasons now.

Standouts included ripped jean shorts (pictured), a salmon denim jacket, a yellow rain slicker, and a blue and red henley. The good news for the Gant man versus the Bastian man is that these pieces won't cost as much as the down payment on his beach house.

Michael Bastian - Spring 2011 - Review

Preppy goes to the beach for Spring at Michael Bastian. That means everything from skin tight speedos to nautical themed sweaters paired with the usual bomber jacket, short short, trim blazer, cargo pant mashup that Bastian has become famous for.

While the first half of the show was a welcomed jolt, with all of the high powered colors and striking proportions, the second half did not contain the same energy, though it did offer some beautiful suiting options for Spring. A coal colored mac coat with a blue button down and white pants was sophisticated but predicable, as was a double breasted vest and grey pants.

Although the scuba sweaters could be seen as somewhat gimmicky, Bastian, whose clothes have always had a certain cheekiness to them, pulls it off with ease. Otherwise, I am already lusting for the green army jacket that opened the show, the yellow and black striped rugby, the sunburst cashmere crew neck sweater, and the corduroy shorts. Maybe I'll find a chest full of gold on my next scuba adventure to be able to afford them.

The Madly Pop-Up Shop

You're invited to peruse the smart leather and cotton bags at The Madly Pop-Up Shop at 350 Bowery. Open until the end of the month, the sparse gallery-like space (pictured below) displays not only rugged luggage, but also photos that served as the inspiration for the designers, Melanie Dizon and Jake Quellman. Make sure to check it out and maybe I'll see you there.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Spring 2011 - Review

Looks as if the Marc by Marc Jacobs boy has finally become a man. Or did he just get a summer job because the economy is down? I guess "just being cool" wasn't paying the rent...

But what exactly would a grown up Marc by Marc Jacobs customer look like? Turn your eyes to the Spring 2011 collection. A sleeveless trench coats, paper bag chinos, a grey suit, a rust colored car coat, and even the odd tie were present, creating a work friendly wardrobe suitable for any sartorial post-grad. Of course, the top button is always undone, the tie is tied loose, and the shirt untucked. It appears as if he just woke up, ran his fingers through his hair and grabbed the nearest suit for his interview. What else do you expect?

Despite the aging there were the trademarc (pun) bright colors on polos, dress shirts and sweaters, as well as a handful of chic accessories. Of course he wears a sneaker with a suit to the office.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SPLURGE - Penfield Down Vest - $220

This fall is shaping up to be perfect vest weather, so it's only fitting that every man find a great one. Vests are perfect for that little extra bit of warmth on those chilly days over a sweater, or even a blazer if you're heading to the office or a more formal event.

This Penfield vest is equal parts simple and stylish. The goose down interior provides warmth while the wool and viscose (made to look like leather) exterior makes it a subtly style statement.

Penfield has specialized in durable down filled outerwear since 1975, and considering that designer vests can cost you as much as $600, I would snap this one up right away guys. Save.

Michael Kors - Spring 2011 - Review

I have to admit that about half of my closet it Michael Kors. The soft cashmere and cotton basics he produces alongside his runway collection are somewhat comparable to Vince in their subtle style conscious effect. While Mr. Kors' runway shows usually influence the basics for the season, it appear it's the other way around for this Spring.

Spring 2011 offers a relaxed vibe and relaxed garments; somewhat too relaxed. Was it just me, or did everything that walked the runway look two sizes too big? I found the wide-legged linen pants made the models look as if they had just woken up and thrown a robe (or trench in one case) over their pajamas to get the paper off of the stoop. Definitely not a glamorous moment for anyone, even if their sleepwear is Michael Kors.

The earthy khaki that dominated most of the pieces looked washed out, while the pops of bright blue (which were also seen at Phillip Lim) and mustard felt awkward. That said, I did enjoy the navy and grey moments, though they weren't anything ground breaking.

At the end of it all I was left wondering where all the creativity and luxury had gone. Last season Mr. Kors gave us military luxe, while this season seems more like the before shot in the most recent GQ office-wear editorial.

SAVE - Bloomingdales Fingerless Gloves - $58

I've been on the hunt for a suitable pair of fingerless gloves for a while now. Gloves with fingers, as crazy as it may sound, are somewhat limiting. Though they do keep your fingertips nice and warm, fingerless gloves allow you to not only zip up your jacket (a task that can seem rather daunting with a thick pair of regular gloves on), but also work your iPhone. Plus, fingerless gloves just look rugged and badass.

These gloves, from the Bloomingdales Men's Store collection, are great looking, functional (they can be converted into mittens for those extra nippy days), and super affordable. Save.

FALL MAILERS - Barneys & Bloomingdales

It's that time of year again: Fall mailers from all of the big department stores are arriving at my doorstep. Here is a selection of my favorite images that I scanned in for you guys. I will continue to add to this post of more arrive in the coming weeks.

Belstaff Coat $895, Grown & Sewn Pants $395

Left: Monitaly Coat $895, Yuketen Cotton Trousers
Right: Woolrich Nylon Jacket $595 and Jeans $165 and Bag $495

Left: Nigel Cabourn Authentic Down Coat $2985 and Sweater $315 and Pants $665
Right: Chimala Anorak $725 and Jeans $415

Left: Unis Pea Coat $648
Right: Earnest Sewn Pea Coat $395

Left: Nudie Jeans & Co Wool Zip Cardigan $374
Right: Evisu Lambswool Cardigan $358

Sunday, September 19, 2010

SPLURGE - Brunello Cucinelli Work Boots - $895

Close your eyes and imagine a luxury Timberland boot. It has a simple black bottom, a double stitched toe for durability, brown laces, leather lining, and yet somehow feels comfortable and lighter than air. Now open your eyes and feast upon these Burnello Cucinelli Work Boots. Aren't they everything you wanted?

Oh no! Don't look up! You saw the price didn't you? It was too good to be true.

[Don't you wish you could ...] Splurge.

SAVE - Wm. J Mills & Co. Canvas Bag - $153

My dad has been in desperate need of an acceptable substitute to the blue and black Nike gym bag he carries to and fro work every day. Littered with files, notes, and gym clothes, the thing was a complete mess and made him look like the before shot in a GQ style page. As a result, I recently bought him a black leather Tumi briefcase. If you didn't know, Tumi doesn't come cheap. Although it looks great, he still complains that it is too nice to throw all of his gym clothes in and shove in a locker at the Equinox. That's where this Wm. J Mills & Co. Canvas bag will come in.

This stylish canvas model is roomy and durable, but not too precious that one would feel akward slinging it over their shoulder on the way to the free weights. It also doubles as an excellent weekend bag in case you were wondering, and at $153, hardly requires the deliberation that the Tumi's price tag demanded. Save.

SPLURGE - Billy Reid Waxed Cotton Coat - $395

If you haven't yet found your winter coat, look no further. I stumbled upon this Billy number at Bloomingdales and haven't stopped thinking about it since I saw the price tag. $395 for a shearling lined, waxed cotton pea coat? Where do I sign? I've deemed it a splurge because it's still not exactly an impulse buy, but compared to four digit prices of the coats in the outerwear section ($999 and up for a Moncler), I would call this a serious save.

The waxed cotton ensures that you will be completely dry come rainy or snowy days, and the shearling provides warmth and comfort. I would recommend buying a size up to allow for the layering of sweaters and the like. Splurge.

Billy Reid - Spring 2011 - Review

Billy Reid is the master of southern charm. Every article of clothing he produces for his eponymous label just oozes it. No matter if it's a brown leather jacket, khakis, or a double breasted blazer, Mr. Reid cannot help but inject his southern roots into his collections, and this certainly isn't me complaining about it.

That said, there were some odd moments in this collection. T-shirts tucked into high wasted khakis created a look that couldn't even flatter the model, and the layering of jackets over sweaters over oxfords puzzled me for a Spring collection. All in all though, every piece in the collection was wearable and contemporary (save the khakis) with a hint of boyishness in the styling.

Standouts looks included a grey double breasted blazer paired with green dress pants, a brown checked blazer over a green polo with khaki shorts, and a brown utility vest over a denim jacket. Each look could be seen either at a backyard barbecue, a cocktail party at the family estate, or a fishing trip with the boys. Ah the life of a southern gentleman.

SPLURGE - James Perse Parachute Pants - $225

This Christmas break I will be heading to Egypt with a few family and friends for a boat trip down the Nile. This means that I have been searching for the perfect pair of drawstring pants to come along with me. My criteria: lightweight, good looking, versatile, slim fit, and cheap. These James Perse Parachute Pants meet all but one of those standards (can you guess which one?).

The color is a beautiful faded green with contrasting black ties at the waist, the parachute material is incredibly lightweight and comfortable (great for those long days in the hot desert sun), and the cargo pockets will be handy for cameras, wallets, and sunglasses (among many other things I'm sure). Also, the fit stellar with a comfortable waste and a slim fit throughout the leg. I'm convinced I'll wear them all summer long, but if not, at least they'll have a great run over my 10 days in Egypt. Splurge.

SPLURGE - Rag & Bone Fair Isle Hat - $140

How cool is this damn hat? Pretty damn cool. The grey fair isle pattern will add a little kick to any outfit, and the pom-pom detail adds a kick to the hat itself. This style is available in three different colors on the Rag & Bone website. Splurge.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Antonio Azzuolo - Spring 2011 - Review

Antonio Azzuolo is known for his quirky take on men's tailoring, producing beautiful suits and separates with looks ranging from fur lapeled sports jackets to western inspired nordic sweaters.

This collection looked to be inspired by both the gentlemen of the 1850's and the prepsters of Take Ivy. Bowler hats and suspenders were paired with Azzuolo's take on the anorak and varsity jacket, as well as cardigans in a series of electric colors. My favorite pieces included a thick striped shawl collar cardigan and a navy safari jacket.

While the individual looks were unmistakably Antonio Azzuolo, the collection as a whole felt less focused than his previous efforts. While Azzuolo usually tends to pick a theme and stick to it, the multiple references of this collection contributed to a feeling of disjointedness.

Or maybe this was a result of his shift in focus towards more sportswear inspired looks as opposed to his mostly formalwear heavy collections of the past. Dress trousers and button downs were replaced with shorts and tees this season, creating a half-baked look lacking his trademark playful sophistication. While I appreciate the effort, this collection demonstrates that Mr. Azzuolo hasn't quite found his footing in the casual-wear world just yet.

Though this collection wasn't his strongest, I look forward to next season to see whether Mr. Azzuolo continues this casual idea further. I have complete confidence in his design ability which is why I am sure that with some tweaking, Mr. Azzuolo can master a more laid back cool for his customer.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Simon Spurr - Spring 2011 - Review

Simon Spurr has, in the past 5 seasons, developed a menswear brand with a coherent message, sophisticated clothing, and a clear customer. This Spring 2011 collection only further served to establish the Spurr brand as a powerhouse in menswear.

Each piece that walked the runway, whether it was the the T-shirts, blazers, suits, jackets, or jeans, was expertly tailored and perfectly simple. All the of the pieces, together, formed the building blocks of a great wardrobe. These included a nylon/leather combo jacket, a silver suit jacket, a grey anorak parka, and some of the best looking raw denim jeans I have seen in a while.

Don't expect to see any initials or logos here, as all of Mr. Spurr's pieces continue to remain anonymous, letting the design and fit speak for themselves. While it seems the rock star trend is well and alive in Mr. Spurr's eyes, his clothes remain wearable. It seems the only thing intimidating about these pieces is their price tag.

SIDE NOTE: This season marks the rebranding of the Spurr label for this Fall and upcoming Spring season. From now on there will be two lines under the Simon Spurr name: Simon Spurr and Spurr. Each lines will produce similar clothing (in some cases, almost the exact same styles), but the more upscale Simon Spurr line will sport both a Made in Italy label and a much steeper price tag.

Tommy Hilfiger - Spring 2011 - Review

Over the past quarter of a century, Tommy Hilfiger has achieved design celebrity, fallen into obscurity, re-invented himself, and just this year, been acquired by one of the largest retail companies in the world, Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, for $3 Billion. 25 years later and Tommy Hilfiger is still the king of preppy Americana with a twist, and this collection is no exception.

Color was center stage in this collection that would look equally at home in William's Town as it would in the West Village. A classic khaki suit was paired with a pink sweater, a candy green belt, purple shoes, and leopard loafers, while a linen utility shirt was styled with salmon pants, a yellow belt and socks, and blue dress shoes. There were Tommy classics in the form of a peacoat, khakis, and a trench, but they were made all the more exciting when paired with these outlandish hues.

What will remain throughout every collection that Tommy Hilfiger designs is his innate ability to produce wearable clothes. Spring 2011 shows Hilfiger's ability to push his man to his preppy limits.

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