Friday, June 18, 2010

SPLURGE and SAVE - Bergdorf Goodman 40% off sale

Sorry it's been a while since my last post! My summer internship has begun and it has been pretty crazy. I won't disclose where I'm working, but I will tell you that it is a major fashion corporation and that with every day I learn to appreciate fit, quality, and style more and more, especially when I walk into a store like Bergdorfs.

Their 40% sale is pretty extensive, at least in regards to the more contemporary merchandise on the 3rd floor of the men's store. They have a whole table piled high with jeans and 40% signs on at least 2 racks for each designer. Needless to say I didn't leave with anything because even at 40% off, Bergdorfs is a little out of my "weekday after work shopping" price range, but I did snap a few pictures:

Rag & Bone coat - Around $325 (on sale)

Rag & Bone mannequin = my wardrobe for fall/winter 10 (not on sale)

John Varvatos Boots - Somewhere around $230 (on sale)

George McCracken Sweater - $175 (on sale)

Margiela Sweater - $610 (not on sale)

I loved the Rag & Bone brown coat, which apart from fitting me perfectly, seemed like it would be surprisingly warm for the fall, despite its leight-weight feel. The Margiela sweater, while expensive, is just a classic piece that will only get better with wear. The John Varvatos boots will look great with everything. The George McCracken sweater was the perfect length and color, and I love a good pocket. The coat on the Rag & Bone mannequin is like an updated Barbour and looked great with this striped sweater.

Also, there was a TON of John Varvatos Ready-to-Wear on sale. Everything from T-Shirts and henley's to cashmere sweaters in great charcoals and grey's, perfect for layering next fall and winter.

While I acknowledge that almost everything in this post is virtually useless for the summer season, the prices make it worth thinking a little in advance. Splurge and Save.

UPDATE: The sale is not online (as of yet), so make sure to get to the store before they sell your size!
On another note, it really annoys me that Bergdorfs puts hardley any of their merchandise on their website...

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