Saturday, June 19, 2010

Calvin Klein - Spring 2011 - Review

I don't own anything from Calvin Klein. I think their suits are beautiful, just not so beautifully priced. While their other ready-to-wear may deserve praise for its innovative design, I just don't see the appeal of their clothing. Italo Zucchelli truly designs to the beat of his own drummer, and that is something that a creative mind like myself can really respect. My thoughts of his collection though are not as high as my thoughts of the designer himself.

The collection began with the same rocker vide that ensued at Burberry: the first three looks all involved black and some form of leather, weather it was in the black leather sneakers paired with dress pants and a short sleeve button down, the black windbreaker with leather inserts, or the shiny black leather suit paired, again, with sneakers. While not necessary my style, there is no argument here that all of these garments are expertly designed, and would probably make anyone wearing them look chic. It is after the first three looks that Mr. Zucchelli looses me, and I believe, unfortunately, the Calvin Klein customer, entirely.

Crop tops, shameless branding, random neon mixed with muddy browns, odd stripes, speedos, and more crop tops follow in a hosh-posh of garments that look like a collection of the not-so-greatest hits of the trends appearing so far this season. All-in-all, Mr. Zucchelli retains the clean aesthetic that the Calvin Klein customer looks for, but looses any idea of a man that would wear these clothes (at least in his century). Weather it is the desire to achieve a signature look for the house, or just a stint to drum up press for the ready-to-wear line, this collection was definitely awkward to say the least. Hopefully the pieces from this collection (those that actually make it into the store) will be better suited for separate hangers on the racks of their beautifully minimalistic store on Madison Avenue.

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