Saturday, June 19, 2010

John Varvatos - Spring 2011 - Review

I am now thoroughly convinced that rocker-chic is the prominent trend of the menswear spring 2011 season. Though John Varvatos is not the best example of a rocker trend in fashion as he continues to produce Mick Jagger on the Bowery quality clothing each year, his man seems the most fitting for this season.

Beautifully slim blazers and pants, both rolled up, in every material necessary for a night at CBGB's, rule the runway. Paired with exquisite leather bags and modern aviator sunglasses, every look is styled effortlessly and somewhat messily, while still retaining the polish that comes when one buys from Mr. Varvatos. Delicate cashmere and sheer wools are layered beneath the hard exterior of suede and leather coats, creating a dynamic contrast in each look.

Overall, the rich browns in luxurious fabrics are worn with style and confidence on the runway and combine to create a look that any man would desire to inhabit, weather or not he has a concert tour and platinum albums to back it up.

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