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Apologies for the lack of posting over the past couple of weeks. Vacation left us without phones or computers, and though the break was well deserved and incredibly relaxing, we are back in the thick of things and ready to work.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

SAVE - New Balance for J. Crew 1400 Sneaker - $130

I still have fond memories of my first pair of grey New Balance sneakers from when I was a kid. They go with everything and add a sporty but sophisticated look to any outfit.

This 1400 model, a special collaboration between New Balance and J. Crew (available only at J. Crew) that was originally only available in Japan, comes in both green and navy suede. Additionally, these sneakers are hand made in the USA and are extremely comfortable. And trust me, they only get better with age. Save.


The denim market has been flooded in the last 10 years. While Levi's still holds its role as mascot of the denim industry and luxury designers continue to produce overpriced denim offerings, "Premium jean" (jeans priced at above $100) startups, such as 7 For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, and Ernest Sewn to name a few, have infiltrated the market with niche styles and high fashion connections, and emerged with huge profits and expansion in the way of additional categories beyond denim that have allowed them to become powerful lifestyle brands.

7 For All Mankind is a great example. Started in 2002 in Los Angeles, their sales quickly climbed to $13 million dollars in their first year through both celebrity and media endorsements. Over the years, they have seen their offerings expand to product categories including women's, men's, and kid's sportswear, handbags, and footwear. A trip to Bloomingdales' No. 59 Metro is sure to convince you of both their denim domination as well as their growing sportswear and accessory presence.

For more aspirational brands like Gucci, Prada, and Armani, jeans have become an introductory item that serve to allow the consumer to feel a part of a larger luxury world while giving the brand the opportunity to splash their label and logo all over the behinds of their customers, effectively making them walking advertisements.

There has also been a demand for better quality, design, and materials in denim, prompting an increase in prices. While there are those denim devotees out there that are willing to spend upwards of $800 on a pair of jeans (coughBALMAINcough), I believe that it is entirely possible to find a great pair with an excellent fit and superior dye for anywhere from $40.

Below, I have assembled a collection of my four favorite pairs (dark and slim, just how I like em'). Personally, I would never spend more than $250 on denim, so you won't see any of those "hand ripped" or "limited edition dye" pairs here. That said, I am fully aware that $250 is a large sum to spend on a garment that has its roots in durable workwear, so I have a range. In addition, I follow a strict "no branding" policy (the less labels and logos the better), so all pairs depicted have little to none of it.

Of course, if you guys have an horror stories, suggestions, comments, or questions, let me know. I own a pair of each of these, so I would be happy to address any concerns.

Pro: Super comfortable, excellent fit, and no branding whatsoever
Con: Doesn't take wear too well (rips and holes will ensure with a few weeks of wear), and the price...

Pro: Comfort and durability
Con: Branding and minimal fading

Pro: Cheap, great fit, and no branding
Con: A little uncomfortable, but I'm sure they will break in with time
Pro: SUPER cheap and great fit
Con: Comfort is an issue and there is the classic Levi's swoosh and red tab on the back pockets

SPLURGE - Christopher Fischer Andres V Neck Sweater - $325

With dark jeans and a pair of New Balance (more on that obsession later), this sweater is a fun and colorful take on the classic winter cashmere v neck that will make any man look chic and pulled together without trying to hard. Splurge.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

TRIPPIN' - Barcelona and Egypt

My apologies for my inactivity of late. I've had a crazy couple of weeks finishing up school and preparing for winter break and the holiday season. I will be celebrating Christmas tomorrow as I am leaving for vacation early this year. While I am a little bummed that I'm missing Christmas in NYC, I am pumped for my impending trip, which as you may have gleaned from the title, is an excursion to Barcelona and then a cruise down the Nile in Egypt.

If the combination seems a little strange to you, it is. After planning an epic trip to Egypt, I convinced the crew that we had to hit at least one major city. After we all agreed upon Barcelona, it was decided to depart a few days earlier and spend the holidays in España. I've heard great things about both places, so I am beyond excited, but at the same time, I'm facing a little bit of a dilemma: How do I pack?!

While Egypt will be scorching hot deserts, Barcelona is going to be a bit cooler with temperatures around 40-50. To top off this little "climate crisis," I'm only allowed to bring a small carry-on (see picture above) for the entire 10 days!

Of course, I have taken the necessarily steps and made my Christmas wishes with this trip in mind, and I will now share with you what I have devised. Please, if anyone has any recommendations or insight, let me know. Enjoy!

Though a little stiff at first, I'm sure these faded slim jeans will break in quite nicely after a couple days wear in Barcelona.

(This is just an idea of what they look like because the slim, green pair I bought at their store in the West Village is not available online)
These pants have a superior fit, and the cargo pockets will be great for holding guide books and cameras while we're strolling across the Egyptian sands.

Great for chilly days in Barcelona over a t-shirt or under a blazer, and sans t-shirt in Egypt with white Jeans.

To cover up on a windy day on the boat in Egypt.
Picked this up at the Theory Sample sale (at about 70% off) for Christmas dinner in Barcelona.

This timeless shoe is versatile and comfortable, both for strolling around the city and hanging on the boat.
Steven Alan's famous rinkle-and-wear shirts will be suited for the overall casual style of both destinations.

A pair of shades are a must for this trip in particular, and these are damn cool. That said, I do usually pack more than one pair...

You can't find a better fitting short than this pair from J.Crew. Trust me, I've tried. Since I probably won't have room for more than one pair, I'm opting for the faded blue over the usual khaki, which looks great with a white t-shirt or a striped button down.

This hoodie will be great for layering under a blazer at night for warmth, or over a t-shirt during the day.

This polo is classic and branding free, which is surprisingly hard to find in a nice polo shirt these days.

Very European and chic.

Of course I'm throwing in a few of my favorite Velvetmen T-Shirts for layering.

Monday, December 6, 2010

WEEKDAY WATCHING - Industrie Magazine

All those interested in the little billion-dollar-a-year industry that is fashion should pick up the second issue of Industrie magazine. Focusing on the real movers and shakers, Industrie manages to create a glossy devoid of celebrity stories (outside of fashion) and shopping guides, and full of informative articles and interesting profiles on the people, places, and things behind the scenes of the "garmento" business. Enjoy this quick flip through of the magazine to get an idea for what it's all about.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

SAVE - Lark and Wolff by Steven Alan Waxed Country Jacket - $198

It appears this is the year of diversification at Steven Alan. Adding on to an already lengthy list of collaborations with brands and stores like Dockers, Chari & Co. Bike Store, and Warby Parker Eyewear, Mr. Alan has done a collaboration line by the name of Lark & Wolff for the hipster chain store Urban Outfitters. Alan manages to achieve a significantly lower price point while still retaining his signature rinkled-cool aesthetic in garments that don't stray far form what he is offering in his full price line.

From a quick review of his website, you would see that the Waxed Country Jacket I have suggested here is a fine example of this fact. Reminiscent of a classic Barbour waxed cotton jacket, this piece is an affordable substitute with a slim cut and simple look. And, like I said, it also happens to resemble his Rain Slicker, which runs around $330. Save.

SPLURGE and SAVE - Theory Sample Sale

The Theory Sample sale is definitely one of the best I've ever been to. Hurry down today to snag a suit or tuxedo (around $350), a sports jacket (around $150), dress pants, dress shirts, sweaters (around $100), winter accessories, and even a few racks of outerwear and jeans. There is a HUGE selection with racks and racks organized by size, a helpful staff, and spacious dressing rooms. Theory makes amazing dresswear that will slim almost any body shape, so don't miss out!

Theory Company Store
139 5th Avenue (Between 20th and 21st Streets)
2nd Floor
Thursday, December 2 and Friday, December 3: 8AM- 8PM
Saturday, December 4 through Monday, December 6: 10AM-6PM

Thursday, December 2, 2010

WEEKDAY WATCHING - Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011 Video ft. Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell, the famed New York City skin and multimedia artist, is the star of this promotional video by Louis Vuitton to showcase their Spring/Summer 2011 collection, to which Campbell lent his vision. As I mentioned in my review of the collection a few months back, while some of the wears bordered on "Ed Hardy-esque" with Campbell's tattoo inspired etchings spilled across them, his group of accessories were stunning. In this video we are able to examine more closely the fine detailing and design that goes into a Louis Vuitton product. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SPLURGE - Moncler x VISVIM Down Jacket - $618

This simple and stylish jacket is exactly what you would expect from a collaboration between the luxury ski jacket supplier Moncler and the Japanese streetwear fashion authority VISVIM. Moncler's classic shape is updated with a clean design in a beautiful blue grey that should look good with most anything.

While those label-whores among us will be upset to find that the Moncler logo has been dialed down to merely a white silhouette of its former self, I for one am happy to see an absence of branding alongside a strong presence of style and sophistication. Splurge.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

SAVE - Sorel Woodbine™ High CVS Boots - $120

In preparation for a semester school I am attending for the Spring on the coast of Maine, I decided it was time to buy my first pair of waterproof boots. In addition to being durable and functional in all types of climates and conditions, I wanted a good looking pair that would still be wearable on the streets of New York.

After a quick stop at Uniqlo yesterday, I headed down the block to Eastern Mountain Sports (on the corner of Broadway and Spring) and found these Sorel Woodbine™ High CVS Boots for a great price of $120.

Like it says on their website, these boots were designed to be the "ultimate urban rain boot."Apart from the obvious technical details that protect from snow, sleet, and rain, the interior of the boot is also lined with recycled felt to keep your feet insulated and warm. With a simplistic black color scheme and a red sole for a little pop of color, I am 100% pleased with the look, feel, and functionality of these boots. Save.

SPLURGE - Wings + Horns Vest - $495

Upon further investigation, I discovered that the Penfield piece I suggested in my last vest post was actually not the world's most flattering garment. In lieu of my mistake, I have decided to supply you guys with another option from Wings + Horns that is possibly one of the chicest gilets I have ever laid eyes on.

Wings + Horns began as the in-house brand for a Canadian manufacturer with a specialty in high-end fleece basics. Today, they produce a full range of menswear with an emphasis on solid construction and Japanese influenced design.

I've been eyeing this piece for a while in my search for a great Fall/Winter vest, and decided that I would finally treat myself to it this holiday season. Taking advantage of yesterday's Black Friday offers, I was able to procure it for 20% off on Blackbird, which made the purchase even more exciting.

The vest is a beautiful color speckled wool with duck down stuffing, shawl collar, two patch pockets, and two smaller button down ones. The fit and comfort are unparalleled, and along with all of the details and features, make this garments worth the rather large price tag. Splurge.

Plaid Please

Plaid should be your best friend come Fall/Winter. Whether it's in shirts, pants, bags, scarves, whatever, it's all good. And don't be afraid to look a little woodsy, just stay away from anything that makes you look like you just drove a 16 wheeler cross country...

I threw in the skirt because A) Who saw the insane Glee spread this shot originated from? and B) Who doesn't love a good plaid skirt?

Collage by me, photos courtesy of: GQ, Details, Urban outfitters

SAVE - Converse JP Zipper HI - $100

Myself, I don't own a pair of Converse. I know, it's ridiculous. The white high tops are really the most basic, basic of any man's wardrobe. Well that is all about to change. I have my eye on these white zipper hi-top Jack Purcells at Aloha Rag, and at only $100, I don't imagine it will be long before there are safely at home in my closet.

With a textured suede and canvas outside, tan leather lining, and a quirky zipper running down the center, these aren't your regular old Converse. I'm not one to follow the pack, which is probably why I have subconsciously resisted Converse in the past, so these are perfect for me. Save.

Monday, November 22, 2010

SAVE - L.L.Bean Signature Fair Isle Zip Cardigan - $119

I originally saw this piece at the Pop Up Flea, but they didn't have any left in my size. At $119, I wasn't exactly surprised. This zip up Fair Isle cardigan will be a cool edition to my Fall/ Winter wardrobe to spice up that dark jean, plaid shirt, navy coat ensemble I have been frequenting in the cooler weather we have been experiencing lately. Of course L.L. Bean stands for durability, so don't think the low price is too good to be true. Save.

Listen Up

Really feeling this new song by Theophilus London, ft. Solange Knowles and Devonté Hynes (featured on and a whole other host of places in the last few days). The rapping isn't that exciting, but the beat is sick and the song as a whole is relaxing and perfect for the mood I'm in tonight. Find the free download here.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I know, I hate it when the holiday season prepping has to come before even Thanksgiving has had its chance, but all the magazines and blogs are putting out gift guides so I figured I would just hop on the bandwagon.

Here are a few gift ideas for this holiday season. Usually I find clothing harder to buy, so I've included mostly accessories and objects in this selection. All objects are listed and linked below, and the collage was made on Polyvore. Happy shopping!

SAVE - Steven Alan for Chari & Co Fleece Jacket - $198

Steven Alan, the king of contemporary cool has partnered with Chari & Co., a popular Lower East Side bike shop, to produce a stylish fleece jacket (available in Grey and Blue) for the winter rider to ward off the chills. While the jacket may be designed for the avid cyclist, that certainly isn't going to stop me from checking out this stylish jacket. Save.

SHOPPING DIARIES - November 21, 2010

Today I headed downtown to Soho with a friend of mine to get some brunch at Delicatessen (the Texas Eggs Benedict is unreal) and do some shopping

First we headed to the Pop Up Flea Market by A Continuous Lean, and it was a huge success! The place was pretty crowded (see above) and the booths were really well curated and appealing (see below for a photo of one of the vintage stations).

I was most impressed with the L.L. Bean Signature booth which had a great selection of outerwear and knitwear, all under $200! The Aether booth was also sick, with a stunning collection of cold weather outerwear that was simple and sharp. The Oliver Spencer Boutique was definitely my favorite though, as all of the pieces on display were at least 40% off of the regular prices. I scored a beautiful navy wool pea coat for $250 (sorry for the shitty picture below).

The detailing (red wool interior lapels, pinstriped lining, and adjustable waste and cuffs), the fit, and the price made it a no brainer. I would recommend checking this brand out online. Their prices are super reasonable and their design is stellar.

Next we walked down to Acne to see about their new Theo Leather Jacket that I've fallen in love with.

Of course they, along with Oak, had sold out before they even got the jackets to the store. I would say its not meant to be, but they are still available online... Early Christmas present maybe!

Speaking of early Christmas presents, my second (and last) purchase was a pair of the Franklin boots ($198) from J.D. Fisk at 159 and 1/2 Ludlow Street.

The brother brand of Dolce Vita, J.D. Fisk makes great looking shoes at comparably low prices. They also had a fine selection of Shades of Greige and Gant in store and a BILLYKIRK waxed cotton gym bag ($210) I was contemplating procuring for my dad. Alas, I did not have access to the proper funds.

Next we went two doors down to In God We Trust, where my friend purchased a silver "Cheers Mother Fucker" flask for $40. If you're looking for an inexpensive Christmas gift for a friend or family member, this is the place to go. They also have another location (with almost the exact same merchandise) on Lafayette between Prince and Spring right when you get off of the 6 train.

Somewhere in between we stopped by Opening Ceremony because is it really a day of shopping in Soho without it? We were both obsessed with the Racer jackets from the Tron x Opening Ceremony collection ($530), though we never for a second considered actually spending close to $600 on it...

Overall, a beautiful day to go shopping and some great new Fall/Winter merchandise in stores. The only thing that spoiled my day was the 11% sales tax I had to pay on my shoes (the jacket was all cash and tax free!). I later had a discussion with the sales woman at In God We Trust who told me that it was changing again come January (probably going up). I understand that the state needs money, but aren't we supposed to be encouraging shopping in such a economically challenging time?

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