Saturday, June 19, 2010

Burberry - Spring 2011 - Review

Since this is my first collection review I will try to be candid. I am a huge Christopher Bailey fan, this is no secret. If any of you wonder why, all you have to do is take a glance at his recent collections for Burberry Prorsum. Bailey has taken the house that once produced trench coats for the British military from an old dusty name to a mega-brand that resonates with both young and old consumers. Personally, I think his collections always hit the right note and feel current without being trendy (a word I don't like in fashion). While one may argue that a leather moto jacket with gold spikes is not the most timeless piece ever designed, I believe that the quality and design make it a garment that you would want in your closet, even if it is just to try on in front of the mirror at home because it looks so damn cool.

That said, no collection is perfect, and this one is no exception. While the outerwear is usually flawless, the other separates and accessories are somewhat silly at times. Though they are all meant to evoke rocker-chic, I would be hard-pressed to find any man that would wear a black sheer button down or white mesh sweatshirt out of the house, let alone an oversized tote bag covered in silver studs (though I would have no problem finding a girl that would kill for it).

The glamorous vibe of this collection seems fresh to me after the play on basics that owned most of the fall/winter runways a few months ago. Almost all of the runways with the exception of Versace, a house that has always dressed a man who is not afraid of a leather pant. Come to think of it, this collection is reminiscent of what went on at Versace last fall: leathers, studs, and slim fits all meant to take the man wearing the clothes and put him front and center.

While I believe that Bailey's man has always been in the forefront as a result of his timelessness and chic sensibility, the studs, suede and mesh are just another way to separate ones self from the mundane in order to make a statement, a trait that, in my eyes at least, is a requisite for great style.

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