Saturday, June 12, 2010

TO SPLURGE OR TO SAVE - Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

You may notice that even though this is a "to splurge or to save" post I haven't really included any saves. This is primarily because there is no need to post the saves. Anyone can go down to Canal Street/ their local gift shop and buy a pair of cheap knock-offs, and that is definitely a valid choice in the face of sunglasses that cost well over $500 in department stores and online, but when investing (and its definitely an investment at these prices) in a pair of sunglasses, you need to do your research.

For example, it is said that people with round faces look better in squarer frames, whereas people with squarer faces look better in rounder frames. Experiment with different models and brands; while most brands make a wayfarer or an aviator, they're all different. Make sure to feel the weight of the sunglasses as many have heavy frames that can begin to way on you after a couple hours of wear. Also access the durability of the frames: will they be good for sports and activities? Can they survive a fall on the ground? Will the loose their shape over time?

When spending into the hundreds of dollars on anything I feel questions need to be asked about the product. On that note, enjoy the sunglass "porn" I have posted below.

KBL Eyewear Sunglasses ($135)

Balmain Sunglasses ($622.40)

Ray Ban Sunglasses ($182)

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses ($360)

Super Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses ($390)

**** fun fact: most of these sunglasses probably cost less than $10 to make

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