Sunday, June 20, 2010

Prada - Spring 2011 - Review

Another season, another brand spanking new silhouette from Miuccia Prada. For Spring 2011, Ms. Prada has elongated her man in fitted three button suits and slim trousers, then shortened him in shorts so baggy and wide that they almost appear to be skirts! Has Marc Jacobs man-skirt trend finally caught on? This is probably about as masculine as the skirt will get, and that isn't saying much.

While the suits that start the show seem fairly elementary, at least for Ms. Prada, things quickly take a turn for the wacky. Neck holes on sweaters are elongated (almost touching the shoulders), white form-fitting long sleeve shirts paired with wide-legged royal blue trousers are accessorized with oversized matching pouches strapped around the hip, almost like a large coin purse-meet fanny pack. At that point it has only begun. Soon doctor's scrub-like shirts in denim and cotton begin to appear in blues, and reds on top of shorts. Color blocked sweaters and button downs (untucked) follow. Every look was paired with a streamlined pair of platform brogues in either black or brown, shoes that I expect will be popular among editors and the street style chic group come next spring.

Though the clothes presented are most definitely futuristic, I did not feel they would look out of place on a modern man (with the exception of the scrub shirts and short-skirts). A three button suit or slim sweater is hardly too outlandish for the sartorial gentleman of means that invents in Ms. Prada's looks, yet her styling makes the clothes seem far off and scary on the runway. Though the Prada silhouette may not be 100% accessible for the everyday, the majority of the collection is without a doubt wearable, no matter how intimidating it feels on the backs of the slender models in Milan.

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