Monday, June 21, 2010

Marni - Spring 2011 - Review

The brooding Italian artist in search of the perfect cardigan, rain jacket, or cropped pant need look no further than Consuelo Castiglioni's spring 2011 menswear offerings for Marni. What more can be said about the perfect collection. Clothes that feel expensive, yet inviting. Stylish, but not scary.

The jeans alone are a standout with their dip-dyed bottoms serving as a pop of color to a palette that most would consider dreary but emerges thoughtful. The Marni man stands out, and not because he wears neon or skirts, but because his clothes fit correctly, and are designed with a clear customer in mind, causing them to work flawlessly together. A waxed raincoat in a deep navy boasts the perfect utility pockets, while a shorter version in grey adds intrigue to a slim suit silhouette.

While the clothes speak for themselves, Ms. Castiglioni's accessories only aid the Marni man's story. Every look is paired with the perfect pair of lace-up ankle height boots in brown and black with thick contrasting white soles, while a few of the styles are accompanied by large sack bags in navy and yellow.

While I'm happy that there are no man leggings in the collection (a trend that has officially been declared for spring 2011 so get ready), I am confident that whatever Ms. Castiglioni designed would look stunning.

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