Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Balmain - Spring 2011 - Review

Christophe Decarnin has been riding the Balmain hype wave of his own making for a couple of seasons now it seems, which is probably why something like a pair of ripped jeans from the storied French house can retail for in the thousands of dollars. Viewing this collection of seemingly basic garments, you would wonder how anyone would sleep at night spending $400 on a T-shirt or $4000 on pea-coat, but all you would have to do is go to your nearest luxury department store to discover why the wealthy choose Balmain for their street clothes: it's fucking cool.

This collection definitely has a punk edge: studded belts, hooded vests, combat boots, skinny jeans, tanks, and above all, lots of black. A pair of cargo shorts looks a little too American Eagle for my taste, but that is quite normal for a Balmain men's collection. Mr. Decarnin mixes luxury dresswear in the form of rumpled blazers and button up shirts with seemingly basic sportswear. If I had to invest in one piece, though, it would be the leather jacket. With just enough bells and whistles to make it a stand out, and enough quality and thoughtful design to make it functional and fashionable, this piece truly kicks ass and takes names.

I would compare the Balmain men's clothing to that of Diesel; edgy, urban street-wear with a twist, produced in luxury fabrics and sold at crazy prices. But hey, if you have the money, for most people, the label on the inside makes it worth the tag on the outside, especially when the label says "Balmain."

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