Thursday, June 24, 2010

Viktor & Rolf - Spring 2011 - Review

Viktor & Rolf are known for their avant-garde clothing, making their spring 2011 collection feel simple in comparison. Though it may not be as ambitious as their previous efforts, it is simple in the best possible way. Neutral colors abound in a sharply tailored collection of both dressy and casual looks for every occasion.

Staple safari and leather jackets have chic designs and clean lines, short sleeved pullovers are expertly appointed for layering in the summer heat, double-breasted blazers look casual with a pair of shorts and slip ons, and relaxed sweat-shorts dress down button up shirts. The collection is full of contrasting ideas that meet in each look and serve only to compliment each other and offer a new form of dressing. No longer does a man have to switch from casual to dressy. Now he can have it all in one outfit and look fashion forward at the same time!

A double-breasted khaki suit worn with sandals is one of the best looks this season has seen while brightly colored patent brogues are expertly paired with softer looks to help bring excitement and somewhat follow the neon trend. Viktor & Rolf also excelled at the baggy trouser (a garment that is looking to become the staple piece of the spring season) by not only tapering it bellow the knee, but cropping it just above the ankle to give it a modern appeal. Belted blazers also appear several times throughout the collection, truly putting the "coat: in sports-coat by cinching the waist with what looks like the belt of a trench.

The collection offers great dresswear and sportswear alike, as well as a host of sophisticated footwear. Though it may not be a particularly showy collection, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren have compiled a collection that I believe will appear in line with the trends while still retaining its own unique voice and character in stores come spring 2011.

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