Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bottega Veneta - Spring 2011 - Review

Cool, comfortable, easy dressing is at the core of the Bottega Veneta collection by Tomas Maier for spring 2011. His man begins the show in lightweight suits that are relaxed and refined all at once, travels in utilitarian chic, and eventually reaches his destination vacation in relaxed sportswear.

White, black, maroon, navy, and various shades of green are the colors of choice for Mr. Maier in a palette that can only be described as mesmerizing, rounding out the perfect wardrobe for the affluent Italian jet setter.

Short-shorts shrink into speedos and eventually billow out into magnificently relaxed pants that would be perfect loungewear for any beach or resort. The one gripe I have with Mr. Maier, or maybe his stylist rather, is the pairing of sandals (which accompany every last look in the collection) with socks for some of the more casual looks. Aren't sandals with socks the ultimate fashion no-no for anyone that is trying not to look like a tourist from the Midwest? Either way, it looks chic on the runway.

In one of my favorite looks from the collection Mr. Maier pairs the most luxurious sweatpants I have every seen with the perfect T-shirt and a shiny forrest green leather jacket. This is the definition of new luxury: blatantly not luxurious garments made with luxurious fabrics and fitted to perfection. Paired with sandals you would think I was describing a beach-goer at the Jersey Shore, but with Mr. Maier at the helm, it walks the runway looking like a million bucks (which is probably close to the look's cost).

The Bottega Veneta man cannot help but be the best dressed in the room. He is not a trend setter because he does not care about trends, yet everyone wants to dress exactly like him because he is comfortable and chic. If only I had a couple grand lying around I would make Bottega Veneta my first stop for my spring/summer wardrobe.

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