Saturday, June 19, 2010

Versace - Spring 2011 - Review

If anyone can do rocker-chic, its Versace, and boy did they rock out for spring 2011. It was as if 56 Billy Idols took over the catwalk as model after model walked out in graphic-printed shirts and blazers, chain necklaces worn on the outside. The suits were cut slender, with the pants tapering to a cuff right above the ankle as we have seen in the other spring 2011 menswear collections.

Donatella also chose to unleash her models on the catwalk in twos and threes, dressed only in printed briefs and robes, a segment identical to that at Dolce & Gabbana where the models were similarly scantily clad in packs on the runway. Could pajama dressing be a common trend this season as well? Maybe designers are anticipating Global Warming will make it necessary to strip down. All I know is that if it comes to that, Versace briefs are the way to go.

Versace has embraced the trends, and rightly so, because it is so suited to them as a brand. The Versace man will be happy to know that the way he has been dressing for years will finally be as "in" in 2011 as it was in the 80's.

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