Friday, July 23, 2010

WHAT I'M WEARING - Casual Friday

I'm looking outside my window and it's gloriously sunny, but according to The Weather Channel is is going to thunderstorm later... Well I guess I'll bring a packable rain jacket just in case.

Jacket: Uniqlo J+
Shirt: Shipley & Halmos
Jeans: Vintage Levi's
Belt: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Sperry Topsider for J. Crew

A few quick notes on these items. Get them all! Let's start from the top down. This Uniqlo J+ jacket is light, and water tight. Its chic shade of green will go great with jeans, and its futuristic fabric is shiny enough to make its simple and clean design stand out. The Shipley & Halmos shirt is probably the best looking and fitting shirt I've ever owned. I bought it just yesterday at Scoop, on sale for $69! The jeans: I promise I will do a post on them later. The Marc by Marc Jacobs belt is a classic, thick brown leather belt. I think it was maybe $30... Not sure, I got it so long ago, but it's still going strong. The shoes I've been over.
Have a great weekend and try not to get drenched.

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