Friday, July 9, 2010

SAVE - Spring Sales - up to 60% off

Ah, yes. It is that wonderful time of year. The time for spring sales. It seems so ridiculous, though, that spring/summer is on sale when the season hasn't even ended, right? Well it is. How can stores manage to sell through when seasonal merchandise is only in stores for three months before new merchandise arrives? They can't, that is if they place a normal sized order. To compensate for the ever shortening selling period for each season, and the economic downturn's effect on consumer spending, stores are condensing their orders, effecting designers who rely on the store orders to make make money as well as get their product in the public eye.

The only group that this wacky schedule benefits is the consumer. Not only do we get a rotation of new goods every three months, but we get deep discounts on those items we didn't feel like paying full price for, and we don't even have to wait for the season to end. This means I can buy a chic Steven Alan plaid shirt from Barneys that is meant for spring/summer in July for $99, down from $205, and still get another two months of wear out of it, and if I purchase wisely, maybe even carry it into fall (all of which I did!).

I took a few pictures (taken secretly) of my favorite items on sale this season from Barneys and Bloomingdales. I was mostly on the look out for modern basics that were seasonless. Hope you like. Save.


Frank & Eileen Plain Button Down - $79

Chimala Grey Jeans - $169

Chimala Green and Navy Stripe Tee - $59

James Perse Khakis - $129


Ernest Sewn Ripped Jeans - $170 (Modeled by me)

Richard Chai Parka - $250

Acne Plaid Button Down - $135

* All prices listed are sale prices
** Confession: I purchased the Frank & Eileen shirt, as well as a Barneys Co-Op cashmere sweater ($99 people!), the Steven Alan Plaid shirt, and a Save Khaki Green Military Jacket (not on sale, unfortunately), all of which are not pictured. And I'm going back for those Ernest Sewn ripped jeans. Don't Judge me, I still have half of my second pay check.

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