Friday, July 2, 2010

Balenciaga - Spring 2011 - Review

The Balenciaga spring 2011 menswear presentation was a strangle collection of futuristic garments in black, white and grey with shots of intrigue in the form of neon orange and yellow, as well as an odd looking zebra print. Most of the clothes looked as if they belonged in the womenswear collection. Nicolas Ghesquière used color blocking on jackets to slim the models, cummerbunds to cinch the waist, and cropped trousers paired with high white boots to shorten the silhouette, all serving to create feminine proportions.

At the end of the collection one realizes that the Balenciaga man does not have the Balenciaga woman on his arm, but another Balenciaga man. The clothes are just too feminine, and although the design is innovative and beautiful, there are few pieces in this collection I would ever consider wearing (those are the simple trenches and windbreakers, garments I could easily find more masculine versions of at Burberry or Dunhill). Mr. Ghesquière has certainly made a statement with this collection and I have no doubt that his garments will stand out from the rest. Weather it will actually appeal to men and generate sales, of this I cannot be sure.

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