Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paul Smith - Spring 2011 - Review

Paul Smith takes the middle road, somewhere between that of Versace and John Varvatos, for spring 2011's rockstar trend. Though Mr. Smith is known for his rocker worthy clothing, this season he shifts away from the slim, brightly colored suits and dresswear he is famous for, and into a moody color palette of relaxed garments fit for attending, or performing, a concert under the stars.

The only shot of color this collection receives is through two psychedelic prints, one of purple, pastel green, and red, the other of purple and orange, both utilized in tees, dress shirts, and pants to add to the signature Paul Smith flamboyance. Though this flamboyance does manifest in the form of button-down pirate shirts with bow ties, an almost metallic silver trench, undone cuffs turned up over velvet blazers, and short shorts paired with boots over socks (an almost construction worker-like look), this collection was one of his more wearable for the common bowery bum.

My favorite pieces included a black leather jacket early in the collection, a grey one-button blazer with black detailing on the pockets, a pair of skinny black pants, and all of the scoop neck vintage tees.

I enjoyed the collection because of its playfulness and cohesive message, but I can't help but get a little turned off by the heaviness of these garments that are meant for spring, especially while I am writing this review from a smoldering New York City. On the other hand, the darker palette means that these pieces will carry into the fall/winter season quite well, especially the tees and blazers, which will be perfect for layering. I guess at the Paul Smith price point versatility is always a plus.

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