Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SPLURGE - Salvatore Ferragamo - $495

As a result of the rain, I decided to go for these thick rubber soled Ferragamos from my Dad's closet. Though he is a size or two smaller than I am, the Ferragamos still carried me comfortably through about 3/4 of the day...that was when the size problem came in. Yet even two sizes too small, these shoes were one of the most comfortable pair of dress shoes I've ever worn. Though I was a little resistant to their chunky look when my Dad first brought them home, I've decided that they create an interesting look with a slim pair of khakis. A look that is officially on trend for spring 2011 (see: Prada). Though I know it's a little early for next year, they are pretty pricey, so start saving! Find them at select Saks Fifth Avenue Locations or online here. Splurge.

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