Saturday, July 3, 2010

Givenchy - Spring 2011 - Review

Leather, leopard, lace, gas masks, Tarzan, and a creepy clown. Sounds like a raunchy Halloween party, but October will be long gone by the time Riccardo Tisci's spring 2011 menswear collection for Givenchy hits the racks of your nearest department store. Conservative, tailored pieces in black, white and khaki are mixed with more experimental garments to create looks that I'm sure will be equally popular with Givenchy customers and stylists.

The collection begins with a subtler form of the leopard print in black on black and white on white, done in the avant-garde style that has become Mr. Tisci's trademark. Man skirts and sheer shirts are only the first statement pieces to walk the runway, but soon everything turns bat shit crazy in the best way. A male model suddenly appears with a bug-face-like gas mask, and is followed by what, at first, I thought was a male model in drag, but later realized was a female model with an abundance of makeup. Mr. Tisci has been known to blur the line between the male and female form, as is evident in his most recent ad campaign for the Givenchy house where he used a transgender model, and this collection serves to continue his gender-bending saga.

There is an obvious tribal inspiration in the leopard print that comes in everything from bomber jackets to full suits and shoes. One model was even sent down the catwalk in only a leopard skirt and tribal jewelry, a predator-like look on his face. While you would think from the description that this collection would appear completely unwearable for the everyday man, Mr. Tisci's sharp tailoring and proportions allow for wearable pieces to look alive on the runway, but ultimately end up with hanger appeal for a conservative customer.

Though there is not much in this collection I would save up for, I will admit that I enjoyed Mr. Tisci's spring 2011 showing. He has found his stride and developed a unique look for the Givenchy house. His garments stay true to themselves and do not follow fickle trends, yet a purchase from Givenchy is 100% a statement.

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