Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kris Van Assche - Spring 2011 - Review

There are so many things I love about Kris Van Assche's spring 2011 menswear collection. Let's start with the colors. He makes black look wearable in the summer! Who knew? Somehow the color that I feel looks oppressive on any spring/summer runway looks light and fitting for a sunny day in the city. Even black leathers look lightweight and breezy. And the greys are just stunning. The colors that Mr. Van Assche employs are great because the garments can easily shift from spring/summer to fall/winter and not look out of place in either.

Next I would like to discuss the garments themselves: perfect tank tops layered under belted blazers (belted at just the right place of course), the perfectly cut pant (rolled up), exquisite one button blazers, paper bag trousers, and a beyond cool paint splattered side-zip coat. The only thing that I am not a fan of is the sheer button down and the awkward long-but-short sleeve shirts. Otherwise I want it all. Now. Could I ever save enough money to buy everything? Maybe I should consider selling a kidney...

Did anyone else notice that the models still had the paint on the back of their hands as if they had just made the mess on all of those amazing shirts, coats, and pants themselves? What a cool touch. Through this, Mr. Van Assche created a different type of entertainment for his audience. One that wasn't an elaborate set or gas masks, but great design mixed with a cheeky little detail that tells a story.

Mr. Van Assche designs for the man that is urban. He lives in a bustling city and probably holds a cool job as a designer, editor, or stylist. His style is clean and modern, two things that never go out fashion. His clothes are edgy, but still retain their masculinity; more thought provoking than plain old provocative. Any man that wears these clothes is guarenteed to feel comfortable and chic.

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