Saturday, July 3, 2010

Comme des Garçons - Spring 2011 - Review

Cool kids with disposable cash take note: skulls are in for spring. Rei Kawakubo, the fashion-world renowned tastemaker, has deemed that all things goth are a must for the warm weather days of 2011. Isn't it fitting that a cult-like collection of garments has been produced for a label with a cult following?

With the exception of some reworked white shirt and black pant combinations, the skull and checkerboard motif's were prominent in almost every look, and when they weren't, there were skulls painted directly onto the backs of the models' heads. A gaggle of models even walked the runway in full skull print dresses with blazers. I doubt those looks will make it in store (at least not in the men's section).

I would say the most interesting pieces in the whole collection were a series of 5 leather blazers in white, black and red. Though they stood out from the rest of the collection, the classic Comme des Garçons avant-garde aesthetic was present throughout the show in baggy shorts, man-skirts, and cropped skinny trousers.

As a whole, I thought this collection was intriguing. Maybe the skulls and checks add to the the wears for some customers, and take away for others. Personally, I could see any of the skull blazers as a statement piece with a pair of jeans and a white button down. On the other hand, they will probably be priced well over $2,000, and at that cost, will one really get enough wear out of them? Either way, Comme des Garçons pieces have always been, and will always be, like works of art, an investment.

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