Friday, September 17, 2010

Simon Spurr - Spring 2011 - Review

Simon Spurr has, in the past 5 seasons, developed a menswear brand with a coherent message, sophisticated clothing, and a clear customer. This Spring 2011 collection only further served to establish the Spurr brand as a powerhouse in menswear.

Each piece that walked the runway, whether it was the the T-shirts, blazers, suits, jackets, or jeans, was expertly tailored and perfectly simple. All the of the pieces, together, formed the building blocks of a great wardrobe. These included a nylon/leather combo jacket, a silver suit jacket, a grey anorak parka, and some of the best looking raw denim jeans I have seen in a while.

Don't expect to see any initials or logos here, as all of Mr. Spurr's pieces continue to remain anonymous, letting the design and fit speak for themselves. While it seems the rock star trend is well and alive in Mr. Spurr's eyes, his clothes remain wearable. It seems the only thing intimidating about these pieces is their price tag.

SIDE NOTE: This season marks the rebranding of the Spurr label for this Fall and upcoming Spring season. From now on there will be two lines under the Simon Spurr name: Simon Spurr and Spurr. Each lines will produce similar clothing (in some cases, almost the exact same styles), but the more upscale Simon Spurr line will sport both a Made in Italy label and a much steeper price tag.

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