Thursday, September 16, 2010

Band of Outsiders - Spring 2011 - Review

Beach umbrellas, bunks and ping pong tables acted as the backdrop for Scott Sternberg's Spring 2011 presentation for Band of Outsiders. It appears as if his muse is hitting the beach in the South of France before heading off to summer camp, and then back to New York for a quick game at SPiN before the drive out to the Hamptons for Labor Day.

Band of Outsiders has made its mark on the fashion industry as the go to for school boy blazers, polo shirts, and generally preppy tongue in cheek, sophisticated garments. This collection managed to both live up to expectations as well as expand with new offerings that are sure to be a hit with the Band of Outsiders customer (i.e. me), come Spring.

Their signature plaid shirts and striped polos were paired with the usual shorts, anoraks, and boat shoes in mostly primary colors, though, there were a few new pieces to shake things up. A suede varsity jacket was an unexpected and delightful side note, while a black leather jacket looked like effortless summer city chic with matching black drawstring shorts and bright yellow boat shoes. Lest we forget the pocket henleys, which are sure to become a hipster staple come March.

Of course the prices are always outrageous, but the Band of Outsiders man will always have that X factor: His pants are cuffed just so, his colors are somewhat mismatched, and he wears the Sperry collaboration boat shoes everywhere, and looks great doing it all. My experience with the brand has accumulated in this realization: "Don't underestimate a great polo shirt."

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