Sunday, September 19, 2010

SAVE - Wm. J Mills & Co. Canvas Bag - $153

My dad has been in desperate need of an acceptable substitute to the blue and black Nike gym bag he carries to and fro work every day. Littered with files, notes, and gym clothes, the thing was a complete mess and made him look like the before shot in a GQ style page. As a result, I recently bought him a black leather Tumi briefcase. If you didn't know, Tumi doesn't come cheap. Although it looks great, he still complains that it is too nice to throw all of his gym clothes in and shove in a locker at the Equinox. That's where this Wm. J Mills & Co. Canvas bag will come in.

This stylish canvas model is roomy and durable, but not too precious that one would feel akward slinging it over their shoulder on the way to the free weights. It also doubles as an excellent weekend bag in case you were wondering, and at $153, hardly requires the deliberation that the Tumi's price tag demanded. Save.

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  1. Machine washable chic is sort of a Wm. J. MIlls & Co. inspiration. I carry the Parachute Bag (view link ) with a laptop bag stowed inside (view link ). When they get dirty, they go in the wash. I have another Mills bag that I have had for thirty years so they take washing really well. They have over a dozen colors and I think Henri Bendel sells them.


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