Sunday, September 19, 2010

Billy Reid - Spring 2011 - Review

Billy Reid is the master of southern charm. Every article of clothing he produces for his eponymous label just oozes it. No matter if it's a brown leather jacket, khakis, or a double breasted blazer, Mr. Reid cannot help but inject his southern roots into his collections, and this certainly isn't me complaining about it.

That said, there were some odd moments in this collection. T-shirts tucked into high wasted khakis created a look that couldn't even flatter the model, and the layering of jackets over sweaters over oxfords puzzled me for a Spring collection. All in all though, every piece in the collection was wearable and contemporary (save the khakis) with a hint of boyishness in the styling.

Standouts looks included a grey double breasted blazer paired with green dress pants, a brown checked blazer over a green polo with khaki shorts, and a brown utility vest over a denim jacket. Each look could be seen either at a backyard barbecue, a cocktail party at the family estate, or a fishing trip with the boys. Ah the life of a southern gentleman.

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