Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gilded Age - Spring 2011 - Review

Specializing in vintage inspired jeans at exorbitant prices (a pair can run up to $500), Gilded Age has carved out a niche in the marketplace for the man that values a nice worn in wardrobe of American classics. That means everything from a plaid button down, to a tarnished leather belt, to a great pair of casual khakis, to a jean jacket. The best part? It's all hand made right here in the U.S.A. on some of the oldest machinery still available today. "Mass production - it is not!" reads the slogan on their website.

Gilded Age does masculine style like no other brand I've seen in a while. I would most readily compare it to Ralph Lauren's rugged RRL. The two brands are about as similar as they are different, but what Gilded Age has going for it that Ralph Lauren will never be able to replicate is its authenticity. The use of natural dyes, organic cottons, and skilled craftsman are what makes these garments all unique and covetable.

All of these elements shine through in their Spring 2011 runway presentation. Workwear met beachwear in this deliciously wearable and effortlessly chic collection. Hawaiian shirts were layered under denim shirts, and flower necklaces were draped over khaki utility jackets. Somehow tan leather jackets (an emerging trend for this season) didn't feel out of place. The jeans were, of course, expertly washed, worn, and styled; cuffed just above the ankle and worn with moccasins or unlaced lace-ups, they were totally summer cool.

Granted, this collection is 100% my style (minus the hawaiian shirts), but I would have to say that Gilded Age has produced one of the best collections yet for this Spring season.

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