Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Spring 2011 - Review

Looks as if the Marc by Marc Jacobs boy has finally become a man. Or did he just get a summer job because the economy is down? I guess "just being cool" wasn't paying the rent...

But what exactly would a grown up Marc by Marc Jacobs customer look like? Turn your eyes to the Spring 2011 collection. A sleeveless trench coats, paper bag chinos, a grey suit, a rust colored car coat, and even the odd tie were present, creating a work friendly wardrobe suitable for any sartorial post-grad. Of course, the top button is always undone, the tie is tied loose, and the shirt untucked. It appears as if he just woke up, ran his fingers through his hair and grabbed the nearest suit for his interview. What else do you expect?

Despite the aging there were the trademarc (pun) bright colors on polos, dress shirts and sweaters, as well as a handful of chic accessories. Of course he wears a sneaker with a suit to the office.

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