Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Michael Kors - Spring 2011 - Review

I have to admit that about half of my closet it Michael Kors. The soft cashmere and cotton basics he produces alongside his runway collection are somewhat comparable to Vince in their subtle style conscious effect. While Mr. Kors' runway shows usually influence the basics for the season, it appear it's the other way around for this Spring.

Spring 2011 offers a relaxed vibe and relaxed garments; somewhat too relaxed. Was it just me, or did everything that walked the runway look two sizes too big? I found the wide-legged linen pants made the models look as if they had just woken up and thrown a robe (or trench in one case) over their pajamas to get the paper off of the stoop. Definitely not a glamorous moment for anyone, even if their sleepwear is Michael Kors.

The earthy khaki that dominated most of the pieces looked washed out, while the pops of bright blue (which were also seen at Phillip Lim) and mustard felt awkward. That said, I did enjoy the navy and grey moments, though they weren't anything ground breaking.

At the end of it all I was left wondering where all the creativity and luxury had gone. Last season Mr. Kors gave us military luxe, while this season seems more like the before shot in the most recent GQ office-wear editorial.

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