Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WEEKDAY WATCHING - Hermés' "J'aime Mon Carre" Website

I present the latest attempt at social media from a luxury company (Burberry pioneered the format earlier this year with their "Art of the Trench" website): "J' aime Mon Carre," or, "I love my scarf." For me, it's just nice to see a gaggle of stylish woman in both photos and videos, running around with Hermés scarves worn every which way. If that's not your thing (and it may very well not be), then you can at least appreciate the design and construction of this marketing machine.

Whenever I see one of these developing ideas from a luxury company I try to imagine what their endgame is. In this case I'm guessing it's something along the lines of: A) Attract a younger, hipper, audience; B) Make the Hermés scarf fun (again?); C) Acquire press by developing an interactive, online marketing tool. Damn these people are smart.

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