Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall Buy - Barneys, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman

Earlier this week I hit my three favorite B's (Barney's, Bergdorf, Bloomingdales) for you guys in search of the best buys for Fall 2010. This fall will be all about the play on workwear and military inspired garments mixed with lush knits. I've tried to find garments that are not too trendy and will give you the most wear for their price.

My trip to Barneys began and ended with my search for the perfect toggle coat. While the classic Barbour or Peter Elliot option is certainly viable, I'm looking for something a little bit more modern, and a little less bulky.

This Gloverall coat was interesting, but still restrained with the exception of the leather panels on the upper chest. At almost $600, I was hesitant.

The search was over, though, when I came across this Oliver Spencer version. Priced at $100 less than the Gloverall (probably the best price in the whole store), this option is much more intriguing (plaid with contrasting brown leather detailing), light, and fitted. Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner! Sorry the picture is quite blurry, but I had to be secretive. Barneys is strict about the whole taking photos thing in case you didn't know.

Bloomingdales has really stepped it up this season. Usually their men's selection is one of three things: extremely basic (they specialize in mountains of Theory, always for sale), incredibly outlandish ($2000 Marc Jacobs vests anyone?), or cheap. I guess I didn't give them enough credit because their fall men's wears are, for the most part, reasonably priced, on trend, and chic. Here are some examples:

John Varvatos Toggle Cardigan (Around $700)

Michael Kors Khaki Jacket with Grey Hoodie Insert (Around $325)

Comme des Garçons Parka ($1,100)

Paul Smith Fair Isle Sweater (Around $275)

Moncler Hidden Hood Parka (Around $780)

I think the John Varvatos sweater is a great statement piece, the Michael Kor's jacket is warm and the perfect take on workwear, the Comme des Garçons parka is full of design details (EX: a plaid patch on the upper back and rich brown leather elbow patches), the Paul Smith sweater is chic and phenomenally priced, and the Moncler coat is comfortable and simple.

Bergdorf Goodman:
BG was pretty dry with the occasional breath-taking piece that I could never afford, though I did manage to find a nice Lanvin scarf (still ridiculous at around $300), and some really cool bracelets.

At the end of the day, I'm going back for the Oliver Spencer Coat, the Paul Smith Sweater, and possibly a Moncler OR the Comme des Garçons jacket. Where the money is coming from for all of these is still a mystery...

UPDATE: A better look at the Comme des Garçons parka courtesy of Trés Bien Shop.

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