Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Backpacks are a difficult item to buy. Granted, I am still a student, so this look isn't that hard to pull of for me, but I very much respect the plight of the American man that doesn't have the confidence to wear a man purse (that confidence, my friends, is usually instilled in only the most European of us), but still needs a place to put his belongings when he ventures out of the house. No, we aren't talking camping trips with this model, but if your the outdoorsy type, just do yourself a favor and get a North Face.

This Ruck Sack by MAKR CARR GOODS is, according to the comments beneath it, quite durable. It's also the perfect size for your magazines, books, and iPads for those lucky few that have one. Made of canvas and leather with a limited edition of 50 models per color (it comes in black, brown, and white), this pack is definitely worth the $160. Splurge.

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