Friday, August 27, 2010

Splurge - Fall Shoes

For fall I always look for a dress sneaker, a casual sneaker, a boot, and a loafer/driving shoe. This season presents a perfect option for each one of these categories. It's clear that they are all very expensive shoes, but there is something about a great shoe that is hard to find. My shoe needs to compliment everything in my closet while retaining it's own voice and standing out so that I get some bang for my buck. Here, I present my picks for Fall in every category. Splurge.

Dress Sneaker: Trussardi 1911 High-Top Sneaker - $526
This Trussardi high top is classic and stylish. The plaid works perfectly with the black leather, and the white laces and sole lighten it all up and provide a nice contrast. This shoe would look great with a pair of dress pants or some skinny dark jeans and a dress shirt.

Casual Sneaker: Common Projects Zip-Up Sneaker - $385
The zip is a cool detail and the two tone gives it a little edge. On the other hand, white and grey go with everything and their design durability ensures that these sneakers will only look better with wear.

Boot: Sorel Caribou x colette Snow Boot - $322
Sorel Caribou make the classic snow boot. Through their collaboration with colette, they have updated the boot into something that will look classic with any winter look, while still delivering pop by way of the neon laces.

Loafer/ Driving Shoe: Tod's Moccasin - $425
Tod's make, hands down, my favorite driving shoe loafer. I would probably go with the grey for everyday wear, but the red and green could definitely be a chic statement.

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