Thursday, August 19, 2010

SPLURGE -King Baby Bracelet - $170

Man jewelry. To wear or not to wear? My personal stance: Acceptable in small doses for bracelets and on a strict case by case basis for necklaces. What I find with most of my guy friends (and myself to some extent, though I've never worn a man-necklace) is that they find a super cool bracelet or necklace, generally with some sort of bone or skull on it, wear it for a week, and eventually abandon it because it's too much.

I prefer a simple beaded or woven bracelet in a brown or black to add a little texture to an outfit. For example, this King Baby Bracelet. The black beads are masculine, and the sterling silver skull charm is perfectly sized and perfectly badass. Worn on the same wrist as a sharp black watch (casual or dressy), this accessory should perfectly complement anything and everything in your closet. Splurge.

[See my friend Jay Jay's gaggle of beaded bracelets below, all of which look amazing on him (though I don't think I could pull that many off), for reference]

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