Sunday, November 14, 2010

TOMMY - Spring 2011 - Review

Tommy Hilfiger aims lower this season with his new diffusion line: TOMMY. Lower target audience, lower prices, and lower standards.

The new collection is clearly aimed at edgier, rock-n-roll youngsters, but what I am confused by is who would actually wear these clothes? Plaid pants with a pink tee (pictured), a two tone denim shirt with a lime green scarf, a sherbet pullover and green and white short-shorts are only a few examples of the trippy spirit that permeates this 17 look collection. Yes there are a few salvageable pieces in the faded jean jacket (pictured) and Benton striped sweaters, but the styling is truly frightening.

Tommy Hilfiger has always stood for classic American style with a twist, a mantra that has made him one of the most successful designers in the industry. That said, his effort to appeal to the fashion forward hipsters of my generation is, in theory, a great business strategy, but lacks a sophisticated execution when it comes down to the clothes themselves.

Hopefully this collection will be more appealing in person at his newly transformed Bleeker Street location in the West Village.

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