Sunday, November 21, 2010

SHOPPING DIARIES - November 21, 2010

Today I headed downtown to Soho with a friend of mine to get some brunch at Delicatessen (the Texas Eggs Benedict is unreal) and do some shopping

First we headed to the Pop Up Flea Market by A Continuous Lean, and it was a huge success! The place was pretty crowded (see above) and the booths were really well curated and appealing (see below for a photo of one of the vintage stations).

I was most impressed with the L.L. Bean Signature booth which had a great selection of outerwear and knitwear, all under $200! The Aether booth was also sick, with a stunning collection of cold weather outerwear that was simple and sharp. The Oliver Spencer Boutique was definitely my favorite though, as all of the pieces on display were at least 40% off of the regular prices. I scored a beautiful navy wool pea coat for $250 (sorry for the shitty picture below).

The detailing (red wool interior lapels, pinstriped lining, and adjustable waste and cuffs), the fit, and the price made it a no brainer. I would recommend checking this brand out online. Their prices are super reasonable and their design is stellar.

Next we walked down to Acne to see about their new Theo Leather Jacket that I've fallen in love with.

Of course they, along with Oak, had sold out before they even got the jackets to the store. I would say its not meant to be, but they are still available online... Early Christmas present maybe!

Speaking of early Christmas presents, my second (and last) purchase was a pair of the Franklin boots ($198) from J.D. Fisk at 159 and 1/2 Ludlow Street.

The brother brand of Dolce Vita, J.D. Fisk makes great looking shoes at comparably low prices. They also had a fine selection of Shades of Greige and Gant in store and a BILLYKIRK waxed cotton gym bag ($210) I was contemplating procuring for my dad. Alas, I did not have access to the proper funds.

Next we went two doors down to In God We Trust, where my friend purchased a silver "Cheers Mother Fucker" flask for $40. If you're looking for an inexpensive Christmas gift for a friend or family member, this is the place to go. They also have another location (with almost the exact same merchandise) on Lafayette between Prince and Spring right when you get off of the 6 train.

Somewhere in between we stopped by Opening Ceremony because is it really a day of shopping in Soho without it? We were both obsessed with the Racer jackets from the Tron x Opening Ceremony collection ($530), though we never for a second considered actually spending close to $600 on it...

Overall, a beautiful day to go shopping and some great new Fall/Winter merchandise in stores. The only thing that spoiled my day was the 11% sales tax I had to pay on my shoes (the jacket was all cash and tax free!). I later had a discussion with the sales woman at In God We Trust who told me that it was changing again come January (probably going up). I understand that the state needs money, but aren't we supposed to be encouraging shopping in such a economically challenging time?

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