Saturday, December 18, 2010

TRIPPIN' - Barcelona and Egypt

My apologies for my inactivity of late. I've had a crazy couple of weeks finishing up school and preparing for winter break and the holiday season. I will be celebrating Christmas tomorrow as I am leaving for vacation early this year. While I am a little bummed that I'm missing Christmas in NYC, I am pumped for my impending trip, which as you may have gleaned from the title, is an excursion to Barcelona and then a cruise down the Nile in Egypt.

If the combination seems a little strange to you, it is. After planning an epic trip to Egypt, I convinced the crew that we had to hit at least one major city. After we all agreed upon Barcelona, it was decided to depart a few days earlier and spend the holidays in España. I've heard great things about both places, so I am beyond excited, but at the same time, I'm facing a little bit of a dilemma: How do I pack?!

While Egypt will be scorching hot deserts, Barcelona is going to be a bit cooler with temperatures around 40-50. To top off this little "climate crisis," I'm only allowed to bring a small carry-on (see picture above) for the entire 10 days!

Of course, I have taken the necessarily steps and made my Christmas wishes with this trip in mind, and I will now share with you what I have devised. Please, if anyone has any recommendations or insight, let me know. Enjoy!

Though a little stiff at first, I'm sure these faded slim jeans will break in quite nicely after a couple days wear in Barcelona.

(This is just an idea of what they look like because the slim, green pair I bought at their store in the West Village is not available online)
These pants have a superior fit, and the cargo pockets will be great for holding guide books and cameras while we're strolling across the Egyptian sands.

Great for chilly days in Barcelona over a t-shirt or under a blazer, and sans t-shirt in Egypt with white Jeans.

To cover up on a windy day on the boat in Egypt.
Picked this up at the Theory Sample sale (at about 70% off) for Christmas dinner in Barcelona.

This timeless shoe is versatile and comfortable, both for strolling around the city and hanging on the boat.
Steven Alan's famous rinkle-and-wear shirts will be suited for the overall casual style of both destinations.

A pair of shades are a must for this trip in particular, and these are damn cool. That said, I do usually pack more than one pair...

You can't find a better fitting short than this pair from J.Crew. Trust me, I've tried. Since I probably won't have room for more than one pair, I'm opting for the faded blue over the usual khaki, which looks great with a white t-shirt or a striped button down.

This hoodie will be great for layering under a blazer at night for warmth, or over a t-shirt during the day.

This polo is classic and branding free, which is surprisingly hard to find in a nice polo shirt these days.

Very European and chic.

Of course I'm throwing in a few of my favorite Velvetmen T-Shirts for layering.

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