Sunday, December 5, 2010

SAVE - Lark and Wolff by Steven Alan Waxed Country Jacket - $198

It appears this is the year of diversification at Steven Alan. Adding on to an already lengthy list of collaborations with brands and stores like Dockers, Chari & Co. Bike Store, and Warby Parker Eyewear, Mr. Alan has done a collaboration line by the name of Lark & Wolff for the hipster chain store Urban Outfitters. Alan manages to achieve a significantly lower price point while still retaining his signature rinkled-cool aesthetic in garments that don't stray far form what he is offering in his full price line.

From a quick review of his website, you would see that the Waxed Country Jacket I have suggested here is a fine example of this fact. Reminiscent of a classic Barbour waxed cotton jacket, this piece is an affordable substitute with a slim cut and simple look. And, like I said, it also happens to resemble his Rain Slicker, which runs around $330. Save.

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