Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gap - Spring 2011 - Review

Patrick Robinson is making some big changes at Gap. Starting with this coming Spring, expect a new look at Gap stores, and I'm not just talking about the logo.

Gap is known for the all-American basics at affordable prices. A quick visit to their store on 54th street earlier this week offered a fine assortment of garments with extremely low price tags. While the quality was admirable, the selection wasn't exactly cohesive or on trend (though there was a great army green military jacket for only $99). This Spring 2011 season marks a more directional collection for the storied brand and a new opportunity for fashion lovers without funds to procure some stellar garments.

Carrot leg jeans, an unconstructed blazer, slouchy sweatshirts, and a nylon windbreaker are just some of the few subtle but statement-making pieces in a muted blue, black and grey pallet that will appear in stores come 2011.

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